Local Services

Below are just a few of the local businesses we recommend for visitors needing a place to stay, a great meal, or more things to see and do while you’re here for the Corn Festival:
Dykeman House Bed & Breakfast  (http://www.dykemanhouse.com)
McLean House Bed & Breakfast (http://www.mcleanhousebandb.com/)
Shippen Place Hotel (http://www.shippenplace.com)
Comfort Inn – 3301 Black Gap Road 
Best Western Shippensburg Hotel (http://www.bestwesternpa.com)
Adams County Winery  (http://www.adamscountywinery.com)
Hauser Estate Winery (www.hauserestate.com)
Italian Village Restaurant – 5267 Philidelphia Avenue (US Route 11)
Four Points Sheraton (www.fourpoints.com/chambersburg)
The Four Points Sheraton in Chambersburg is offering Corn Festival vendors a special discounted rate.  When making a reservation, ask for the Corn Festival Corporate Rate.